Add devices

Add devices


There are two methods You can add a Shelly device into Your Wi-fi and App/Account

  • Method 1 is solely by using the app.
  • Method 2 is by using the Shelly device embeded Web interface and type in Your Wi-fi credential directly on the device. 
         (The App is still needed to pair device to you account)

Pros and Cons

Method 1: The App

  • Easy and qucik.
  • All is done with the app.
  • Automatically Disable AP and connects to the cloud
    (If not disabled).


  • You have no control of what’s happening.
  • If something goes wrong, you often have to do to af full factory reset.
  • Sometimes gets a Failed to include error.

Method 2: Through the web interface

  • You can add Your device in a much more controlled way.
  • You don’t need the app.
  • You get acces to update the firmware without the app.


  • Require more steps.
  • You manually have to disable AP and enable Cloud.

Method 1: The App Guide

Method 2: Through the web interface Guide