Shelly Scenes allows you to automate and control your Shelly devices. Automate your lighting, blinds, awnings, heating and much more.

To create a scene you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Go to the home menu and the “All Scenes” tab.
  2. Click on the +-icon to create a new Scene.
  3. Give you scene a name and select a picture.
  4. Select a room for your scene. This makes it easier to filter and find your scene later. Use “Global” for central automations.
  5. Add the “When” condition. This is the condition that trigger the automation. An example could be “When” your Motion sensor detects motion. The “When” condition can be based on a device action, time, when an automation runs, weather forecast and sunrise/sunset.
  6. Select the “Do” action. This could be your light to turn on. A “Do” action can be a device action, notify action, group action, scene action and an alarm action.
  7. Select the active time.
  8. Save you scene

Video guide

In this video, I have made an example of how to create a scene.