Update problems

Update problems


If you are having issues updating your Shelly devices, you can try a few things to solve the problem.

  • If it is a battery-operated device, make sure to wake up the device before performing the update.
  • Try to reboot your device and then perform the update.
  • Try to perform the update from the web interface by entering the device IP in your browser.

If none of this works, you can try to push the update manually.

Push an update

NOTE: pushing an update can harm your device if you are pushing firmware from the wrong device type.

To push an update, use the following URL construction:

A firmware URL looks like this:

All update URL’s can be found here:

Below you can find the device you would like to update and get the final link. Before updating, make sure to:

  1. Connect your device to a power source. For example, with a USB-C charger.
  2. Restart the device (can be done from the app)
  3. When the device has restarted, enter the URL address in your browser (you need to be on the same wifi). Remember to update the IP-address to the IP-address of your device.
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