App / webapp


With the schedule function, it is easy to set up daily or weekly schedules for your Shelly devices. Schedules can be based on time or sunrise/sunset.

Scenes / automations

Shelly Scenes allows you to automate and control your Shelly devices. Automate your lighting, blinds, awnings, heating and much more.

Condition types

While creating your scenes, you need to select between different condition types. Learn more about the difference between Shelly condition types.

Thermostat (heating / cooling)

With the thermostat function it is possible to set up smart heating and cooling control.


Creating groups makes it possible to control multiple devices simultaneously. You can create groups of lights, relays, rollers, and thermostats.

Alarm zones

Use your Shelly Motion sensors and door/window sensors to get instant notifications when an alarm zones is activated.


Set up your own customized dashboards to get quick access to your favorite devices, groups, rooms and more.

Energy dashboard

With the energy tab you can get detailed information about your energy consumption and solar production.