Add a Shelly To Your Wi-fi Through Web Interface

Add a Shelly To Your Wi-fi Through Web Interface


When a Shelly with factory settings is connected to power, its Access Point is enabled by default.
We will disable this feature later on.
If it’s not visible, you can enable it. Here’s how: Reset Shelly

Step 1: Enter the Shelly's Web Interface

Find the Shelly Wi-fi access point and connect to it

  • Search for Wi-fi’s.
  • Find Your Shelly and connect to it.

It doesn’t matter if You do this from a Mobile, Tablet or PC

Enter its Web interface

To enter the Shelly’s web interface type its default ip address in a browser.
Default ip =

Gen2 Web interface

Gen1 Web interface


If You want the device to be used in the Shelly Smart Control app and
You need to enable Cloud.

Gen 2 Interface

  • Go to Settings (cogwheel)
  • Click on Cloud and enable cloud

Gen 1 Web interface

  • Click on “Internet & Security”
  • Click on Cloud and enable cloud

Connect Shelly to Your existing Wi-fi network

Then we have to tell the Shelly witch Wi-fi to connect to.

Gen 2 Interface:

  • Go to Settings (cogwheel)
  • Hit Wi-fi
  • Enable Wi-fi
  • Choose Wi-fi
  • Type in the correct password
  • Hit Save

    If everything went well it shows it connected to the wi-fi.
    If not You most likely misstyped the password.
    Check it and try again.
    Take a note of the assigned ip address

Gen 1 Web interface

  • Click on “Internet & Security”
  • Enable Connect the Shelly device to an….
  • Type in the Wi-fi name.
  • Type in the password.
    Make sure you enter both correctly with small and big letters.
  • Hit Save
    If everything went well, it is now connected to Your Wi-fi.
    To find the device’s new IP address, you can go to your router’s settings or use some kind of Wi-Fi scanner.
  • If you misstyped the Wi-fi name or password You ned to do af factory reset and repeat the steps.
    See how to here
    Enable network and bluetooth settings

Disable Access point

You can now disable the build in acces point.
You can also do did later on and also in the app

After disabled. The device will no more show up in the Wi-fi list.

If You don’t want to disable it, at least set af password for it.

Gen 2 Interface:

  • Go to Settings (cogwheel)
  • Hit Access Point
  • Untick the “Enable AP network”
  • Untick “Open AP network” and set af password if You wan to protect the AP.

Gen1 Web interface
The Access point on Gen1 devices are disabled as soon you enable Wi-fi setting.
Yo can’t have Wi-fi and AP mode at the same time 

Step 2: Include The Device In The App

Connect the phone to the same Wi-fi

Make sure the phone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-fi as the newly added shelly.

Add device in the app

Click on the ‘Plus’ icon in the lower right corner. Alternatively, you can also select the ‘Discovered’ tab at the top.”

Connect to Wi-fi

Click on “Scan Wi-Fi for devices

When the device shows up click on “Add Device”

If it doesn’t show up, click on the refresh  icon.
If it stil doesn’t show up, click on “Add By Ip” and enter the ip adresse You took a note of earlier.


Add a name and room

Then give the device a name and assign it to a room.

You are done

If it shows “Pending connection”
Just restart the App.