Add Gen1 battery devices into Home Assistant

Add Gen1 battery devices into Home Assistant

Gen1 battery-powered Shelly devices work great with Home Assistant but will not show up automatically.
 For your gen1 battery devices to be discoverable in Home Assistant you need to do some settings in the device’s web server.

In this example, I use the Shelly TRV.

The gen1 devices you will need to make these settings for are:

  • Shelly TRV
  • Shelly Button 1
  • Shelly H&T
  • Shelly Flood
  • Shelly Door/Window 2
  • Shelly Motion
  • Shelly Motion 2

Step 1: Enable COIOT

  1. Go to the device’s web server by entering its IP address in a browser.
  2. From there go to Internet & Security -> COIOT -> Enable CoIoT -> Remote address:
  3. Enter the IP of Your Home Assistant server followed by the port number 5683 and click “SAVE”. Example:


Step 2: Done

You are now done, and your device should be auto-discoverable in Home Assistant.
If not, go to Home Assistant -> Settings -> Devices & Services -> Add integration -> Shelly -> Enter the IP address of your Shelly.