Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating


It is possible to set up underfloor heating control with Shelly. It is simple to do with the “thermostat” function in the Shelly Smart Control app. This guide describes what you will need and how to set up automatic control of water based and electric underfloor heating systems.

What you will need


First, you must select the right type of relay for controlling your floor heating. The relay you might want to use can vary depending on your type of heating. Here are some recommendations from me.

Water underfloor heating

Water underfloor heating is often controlled centrally. Therefore, I recommend devices with multiple outputs for DIN-rail mounting. In this way, you can make a nice control box.

Shelly Pro 3 can control three 24V or 230V actuators and Shelly Pro 4PM can control four 230V actuators.

Electric underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating is often controlled decentral in the room. Therefore, I would recommend a Shelly Plus device with power metering.

Temperature sensor

Now, you need to define which temperature sensor you would like to use. You can use any Shelly temperature sensor. Here are some suggestions.

Mains connected:

Shelly Wall Display will measure the air temperature while the DS18B20 can measure the floor temperature.

Battery operated:

Shelly Plus H&T can be powered with batteries or with a USB-C cable.


To set up automatic heating control, you can use the “thermostat” function in the Shelly Smart Control app or on the web interface control.shelly.coud.

Follow the instructions in the video.

  • Go to “home”
  • Create a “thermostat”
  • Choose the actuator
  • Select the temperature sensor
  • Setup weekly schedules

That’s it. You’re done!