Update firmware with Mobile hotspot

Update firmware with Mobile hotspot

Update firmware on standalone device using phones mobile hotspot

You can easily use your phone’s hotspot to update the firmware on a device operating standalone in locations without Wi-Fi or internet access.

Typically, Shelly devices are used with Wi-Fi and the app. However, there are situations where you might use them standalone.
That could be for a single dimmer, or using a Blu button to control a device with components/script, etc.

NOTE: This guide shows screenshots from a Samsung (Android) phone , but overall it should be the same on all phones.

Step 1: Enable mobile hotspot

First thing to do is to activate mobile hotspot on your phone.
The hotspot must be set to be 2.4 Ghz.

Step 2: Connect to shelly device access point

The device comes from the factory with its access point always activated. Use your phone to search for and connect to it.

Step 3: Go to the device web interface

Once connectet, go to your brower and type in in the adress bar.

When the web interface appears,
click on the “burger” symbol and go to “Settings->Wifi”

Step 4a: Connect to the mobile hotspot

1. Go to Wi-fi 1 settings and enable it.
2. Search for wifi’s and choose your hotspot.
3. Type in the password and click “Save”


Step 4b: Connect to the mobile hotspot

If you entered the correct password, the device should now be connected to the access point and assigned an IP address.
Copy this IP address.

Step 5: Go to the device web interface from assigned ip

Paste the assigned ip adresse into the adress bar and hit enter.

you will now enter the web interface from the assigned ip.

Step 6: Disconnect or disable Wi-fi

Before proceeding, you need to let the device use your phone’s 4G/5G internet connection. To do this, disconnect the Wi-Fi connection on your phone. Alternatively, you can disable Wi-Fi entirely.

Step 7: Firmware update

1. Go to Settings-> Firmware.
2. Search for and update to latest firmware.

Step 7: (Optional) Disable Wi-fi

If you want, you can disable Wi-Fi again. Alternatively, you can leave it enabled for easy access in future tasks.

Step 8: (Optional) Add password for Access Point

If you keep the access point turned on, it’s a good idea to add a password.