Browse our solution examples and get inspired and learn how to create the solutions on your own.

  • Lighting control.
  • Solar cells: measure the production and use the overproduction to charge the electric vehicle.
  • Underfloor heating.

and more..

Control Shelly devices and third-party devices with local webhooks requests. It is fast and easy and works completely offline. You only need a local wifi connection.


  • Understand the HTTP commands.
  • Find an overview of the most commonly used HTTP actions.

Learn how to use the Shelly Smart Control app.


  • How to use scheduling.
  • How to setup automations (scenes).
  • How to setup heating/cooling control.
  • How to group devices.
  • How to create dashboards.and much more..

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More guides

Getting started guides

Learn how to get started with Shelly from downloading the app, adding your first device, setting up a good WiFi, etc.

Scripting guides

Learn how to import and adapt scripts to your needs.

  • How to control your devices based on the hourly electricity price (Nordpool).

Integration guides

Shelly works with more than 200 partner systems. Learn how to get started with the most popular ones.

Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Athom Homey, Home Assistant, MQTT.

Trouble shooting

Learn how to solve the most common problems.

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